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Photo courtesy: Larry Friedman
Ink blotter. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
DUBUQUE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. The Dubuque Building and Loan Association was organized under a special act of the Legislature. The articles of incorporation were filed on January 24, 1876. (1) The constitution and by-laws were adopted on February 1, 1876. The incorporators were: G. B. Burch, E. T. Keim, Charles V. McKinlay, W. H. Peabody, William J. KNIGHT, John Flynn, C. W. Ware, H. A. Harvey, H. M. Kingman, C. B. Dean and Frederick GNIFFKE. The first officers were: G. B. Burch, President; C. B. Dean, Vice President; E. T. Keim, Secretary; II. W. Kingman, Treasurer; C. V. McKinlay, H. A. Harvey, G. B. Burch, C. B. Dean, W. J. Knight, W. H. Peabody, John Flynn and Frederick Gniffke, Directors. (2)

The corporation was formed for purposes mentioned in Section 1,184, chap. 6, title 9, code of Iowa 1873, which included enabling members to raise money by loans from the Association. The Association was also empowered to buy lots, make investments of funds, etc., to levy and assess members for such proportion of stock subscribed as may be expedient, etc., and to do all lawful things necessary to the success and prosperity of the undertaking.

Photo courtesy: Bob Johnsen
The money was loaned to members exclusively, limited in all cases by the amount of stock owned by the borrower, and secured by mortgage on unencumbered real estate in addition to the security afforded by the pledge of stock. By 1877 the Association had loaned $37,000. (3)

In December 1879, the Association purchased the old fair-grounds, consisting of sixty-four lots, between the corner of Eagle Point and Windsor avenues and Sanford street, near grounds appropriated to the use of the Key City Base Ball Club. The price paid for the property was $13,000. It was the intention of the Association to improve the area by the construction of houses at an early day.

Meetings were held semi-monthly on the first and third Mondays, and reports were submitted quarterly, on the second Monday. The 1886-87 Dubuque City Directory listed the corner of 4th and Main.

The 1890-94 Dubuque City Directory listed the Eagle Building at the northeast corner of 9th and Main.

The 1895-1900 Dubuque City Directory listed 201 BANK AND INSURANCE BUILDING.

The 1934 and 1939 Dubuque City Directory listed 219 W. 9th.

The 1957 Dubuque City Directory listed 125 W. 8th.

Ink blotter. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding



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