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DUBUQUE BEARS. In 1921 the Dubuque Bears, a professional team, were formed by Leroy MEYER. Practice sessions were held at night on city streets under the street lights. Uniforms were far from those used in more modern times. Helmets were little more than leather caps. Some of the players wore shoulder pads, but these were not popular because they were so flimsy.

The Bears played teams from Columbia College (now LORAS COLLEGE, Clinton, Dickson, Dyersville, the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE, and Waterloo.

The team lasted for three years and carried the names of forty men on its roster. The original Bears included Bunny Peat, Lyle Kempter, Ed Tschurgi, Didge Winderlich, Carl Flanagan, and Harry New. The forward wall included Leo Meyers, Gus Chandler, Baldy McMahon, Lester Timpe, Ed Gronau, Hans Gronau, Ollie Ender, and Martin Eckman. Later players included Tiny Esenbach, Vince Luedke, Harry Mills, Dewey Selander, Fred Ellison, Everett AKINS, Harry Mils, Red Lancey, Maury Donahue, Bill, Trinkle, Bill Black, and Oran H. PAPE.