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Military equipment made locally.
DUBUQUE AWNING & TENT COMPANY. In 1909 Ludwig FROMMELT, a former employee of the COOPER WAGON WORKS, bought the awning and tent company once owned by Augustin A. COOPER located at 3rd between Main and Locust. Frommelt named his business the Dubuque Awning & Tent Company.

The company relocated in 1926 to 290 Main. Growth of the business led to the location being expanded in 1946 to include 298 Main. Ludwig was joined in the business by his son, Cyril P. FROMMELT in 1924 and S. J. Frommelt in 1928.

By 1951 the company had expanded its trade area to a radius of 75 miles around Dubuque. During WORLD WAR II the number of employees rose to thirty as production of tarps, flags, canvas field kits, first-aid kits and tents soared. The manufacture of of awning and tents was resumed after the war.

The beginning of the industrial division known as FROMMELT INDUSTRIES INC. began in 1950.

The 1929 Dubuque City Directory through the 1964 Dubuque City Directory listed 290 Main.



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