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DUBUQUE AND NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD. The Dubuque and Northwestern Railroad Company, was incorporated June 20, 1883, in Iowa. The company constructed the line from Dubuque to a point near Thorpe, Iowa during 1885 and 1886. During the spring of 1885, surveyors of the Dubuque and Northwestern staked out a line from Dubuque which passed five miles north of Dyersville. Their instructions were to secure a short route to the Twin Cities, to compete with the Minnesota and Northwestern building from St. Paul.

The citizens of Dyersville watched their movements closely. A serious setback for the community and depreciation in all classes of business and real estate would result if the railroad could not be attracted. It was understood that in order to secure the new line, considerable influence and financial help for the railroad was required.

A group of businessmen traveled to Dubuque to meet with railroad management. The Dubuque and Northwestern was given right of way through the corporate limits of Dyersville, and three full blocks of lots were provided for yard purposes. All of the residences located on the land were to be moved off at the town's expense.

On November 30, 1886 the railroad conveyed its property to the Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad Company of Minnesota. This gave the Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad Company of Minnesota a complete line of railroad from St. Paul to Dubuque, the line from Hayfield to Lyle where it connected with the Illinois Central, and a line from Sumner west to Hampton, Iowa.

The Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad's depot in Dubuque was a two-story brick building at 399 East 8th Street. The building was later purchased by the Chicago Great Western. (1)



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