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Railroad pass.
DUBUQUE AND MINNESOTA RAILROAD. A predecessor of the Milwaukee Road, this railroad was incorporated on January 22, 1869. On April 15, 1870 an election of directors was held in Dubuque. Due to the interest in the project in Clayton County, two men were chosen from there for the slate of candidates. (1)

The successor of the DUBUQUE AND MCGREGOR RAILROAD, the Dubuque and Minnesota was charted so that it could reach northward to Winona and Mankato, Minnesota. In March, 1870, Dubuque undertook the task of raising $200,000 private subscription for the railroad; by March 19 $150,100 had been subscribed. A passenger station was located at White and Fifth streets. Work on the railway was pushed in 1871; Guttenburg was the first large town it reached above Dubuque. The first passenger car and twenty-five new box cars for that line arrived at Dubuque around September 13. October 9, 1871, the first regular passenger train ran up this line. (2)

In 1871 the road was renamed the CHICAGO, DUBUQUE AND MINNESOTA RAILROAD when the line had reached from Dubuque to La Crescent, Minnesota. In 1872 a branch was completed from Turkey River Junction to Garber, Iowa--a total of thirteen miles. (3)

High construction costs and the Panic of 1873 placed this railroad and the CHICAGO, CLINTON AND DUBUQUE RAILROAD into receivership. After renamings and reorganizations, the two roads were eventually formed into the CHICAGO, CLINTON, DUBUQUE AND MINNESOTA RAILROAD COMPANY in 1878. (4)



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