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DUBUQUE AND MCGREGOR RAIL WAY. One of the predecessors of the Milwaukee Road, the Dubuque and McGregor was one of the eastern railroads in Iowa. These lines were established to ensure that river cities, like Dubuque, could enjoy year around transportation not halted by ice on the MISSISSIPPI RIVER that stopped navigation. Dubuque was also interested in constructing the line because McGregor, its main Iowa rival for business, was already linked to Minneapolis-St, Paul.

The Dubuque and McGregor was incorporated on March 20, 1868 with the promotion being largely that of Platt SMITH. The following year its name was changed to the DUBUQUE AND MINNESOTA RAILROAD again with Smith the head of the project. The articles of its incorporation were changed so that it could extend to Winona, Minnesota. A branch up the Turkey River to Mankato, Minnesota was also authorized.

In 1871 the road was renamed the Chicago, Dubuque and Minnesota Railroad and a 117-mile route had been constructed from Dubuque to La Crescent, Minnesota. By this time, however, James F. Joy and his associates were in control. In 1872 the line had completed its 13-mile Turkey River Junction-Garber branch.

The Panic of 1873 along with high construction costs left the line in receivership. In 1878 the Chicago, Dubuque and Minnesota was joined with the CHICAGO, CLINTON, AND DUBUQUE RAILROAD to form the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque and Minnesota Rail Road.



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