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Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Partial page from the company catalogue. Photo courtesy: John J. Bennett
In 1900 with its offices located at 19th and Pine STREETS, the Dubuque Altar Manufacturing Company manufactured statuary, altars and pews offering more than fifty styles of ends. (1) Statuary included stations of the cross, Christmas and other groupings, reliefs, brackets, vases, pedestals, baptismals and holy water fonts. Established in 1895, the company by 1910 the company had made sales in every state, Puerto Rico, and the "West India Islands." The firm employed seventy-five workmen year-round exclusive of the office personnel and salesmen on the road.

The company had two factories. One produced the statuary while the other was dedicated to manufacturing church furniture. The firm also manufactured a complete line of school furnishings. The factories and buildings covered 90,000 square feet and the company had its own side racks for receiving and shipping. Officers included J.J. Ott, President; M.J. Mulgrew, vice-president; W.H. Meuser, secretary, and P.F. Ryder, treasurer. (2)

Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

The 1909 Dubuque City Directory located this business at 860 19th.

The 1911-1912 Dubuque City Directory and 1913 Dubuque and Dubuque County Directory stated that this business was located at 19th and Pine.

The 1918 Dubuque Classified Business Directory through 1923 Dubuque City Directory listed 860 E. 19th.

The 1929 Dubuque City Directory 400-98 E. 19th.

The 1939 Dubuque City Directory listed 245 W. 1st.



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