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DUBUQUE, ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL RAILROAD. In January, 1857, the following officers of the Dubuque, St. Paul & St. Peter Railroad were elected: BISSELL, Frederick Ezekiel, president; J. W. Taylor, treasurer; B. M. Samuels, attorney; H. E. Fellowes, secretary; and James LANGWORTHY, Gen. John Hodgdon, Governeur Morris, W. J. Barney, George L. NIGHTINGALE, Gen. Warner LEWIS, Hon. George Wallace JONES, directors. (1)

The railroad was to start from Dubuque or from a point on the DUBUQUE AND PACIFIC RAILROAD line in Delaware County and then proceed northwest to the northern border of Iowa. At that point, it would connect with the Minneapolis and Cedar Valley Railroad leading to St. Paul and Minneapolis. At the Iowa border it would also connect with a road chartered by the state of Minnesota running to Mankato and then up the Minnesota River to its source.

By special act of Legislature approved January 28, 1857, the city of Dubuque was authorized to subscribe for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars stock of the Dubuque, St. Peter and St. Paul Railroad and to issue bonds for that purpose. (2)

On March 31, 1857, the vote as to whether the city should lend her credit by issuing bonds to the amount of five hundred thousand dollars additional to aid the Dubuque, St. Peter & St. Paul Railroad, resulted as follows: For the loan, 1,129; against the loan, 94; illegal, 5 ; total vote, 1,228. (3)



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