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DOLPHIN, Gary. (Cascade, IA-- ). "Voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes." In December 1996, Dolphin, a branch manager at MERCANTILE BANK OF DUBUQUE and veteran Dubuque sports announcer, was chosen to become the one-and-only voice for Iowa Hawkeye football and men's basketball. Hawkeye radio broadcasts had been purchased by Learfield Communications which decided to use a new format--one announcer.

Dolphin began broadcasting in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1970. He moved to Dubuque within a year to work at KDTH. From 1972 to 1978, he was the play-by-play voice for Dubuque radio station KDTH for Iowa's football and basketball. He moved to KDUB-TV in 1978 and spent eight years as sports director and ten seasons broadcasting Dubuque prep football, baseball, and basketball games. Dolphin had also been the play-by-play voice for Northwestern basketball before the school switched to WGN radio in 1996, network television coordinator for the Chicago Bears in the early 1990s, and annually was involved in broadcasting for the National Catholic Basketball Tournament.




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Gary Dolphin. YouTube user: YI7lB60N40o