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Tape measure. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Deck of advertising playing cards. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding.
Photo courtesy: Joseph Jacobsmeier
Photo courtesy: Joseph Jacobsmeier
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
DIDESCH FUNERAL HOME. In 1930 Didesch was the first funeral home in Dubuque to offer a Continuelle. The instrument, hidden from sight, brought organ solos and the voices of famous performers singing sacred hymns into the funeral home. This music could be used during and after the funeral if desired by the family. (1)

The slogan for the company was, "Dubuque's Most Complete Funeral Home."

The 1929 through 1983 Dubuque City Directory listed 1300 Main.



1. "New Instrument in Funeral Home," Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, July 20, 1930, p. 19