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DICKINSON, Richard E. (Rick)

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
DICKINSON, Richard E. (Rick). (Sabula, IA--- ). Director, GREATER DUBUQUE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. Dickinson has been credited with being one of the leaders who brought Dubuque out of economic despair into becoming a shining example of city growth and prosperity. A graduate of William Penn College, Dickinson became the Director of the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation in June 1, 1995. Prior to this appointment, he worked at A.C. Nielsen Co. and then went into corrections. Dickinson was an adult probation parole officer for five years for the Seventh Judicial District covering Clinton and Jackson County. He was sales manager for the eastern United States and marketing representative for North America for H.B. Fuller Company, a Fortune 500 company located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dickinson's career also included years of public service. In 1978, he was elected the mayor of Sabula. He served as a city council member before becoming a member of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors for six years. From 1990 to 1994, Dickinson served in the Iowa Legislature as the representative for the 34th House District.