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1955 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
DEL-QUE SERVICE COMPANY. In January, 1939 the announcement was made that the Farm Bureau Service Company and later as the Farm Service Company operating in Dubuque and Delaware counties would be known in the future as the Del-Que Farm Service Company. The articles of incorporation were revised so that every Farm Bureau member for 1939 received a share of common stock in the company. The company had been organized in 1931. (1)

The 1951 Dubuque City Directory listed 183 Kaufman.

The 1955 Dubuque City Directory listed Asbury Road.

The 1964 and 1966 Dubuque City Directory listed 345 S. Main.

The 1968 and 1970 Dubuque City Directory listed the same address for Del-Que Farm Service Company.



1. "Farm Company Changes Name," Telegraph-Herald, January 8, 1939, p. 15