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DEERY, John. (Donegal, Ireland--Dubuque, IA, May 22, 1916). As young boy he came to the United States and settled in Machias, Maine. He later worked in some capacity in the newspaper business. In the 1850s he moved to Boston and studied law.

Ddeery moved to Dubuque in 1857 and became the assistant editor of the Northwest, a newspaper being run by Col. Heath. He was post master during the Buchanan administration. Deery was admitted to the bar in 1860 and set up a partnership with Thomas M. Monroe specializing in real estate and probate matters.

Sometime around 1874 Deery gathered contributions and had a copy of a statue made of General Andrew Jackson on a horse. The wooden statue was made by Thomas KAVANAUGH who had its model standing in his yard. Deery received permission to place the wooden statue on the SHOT TOWER from Chadbourne and Forster who still owned the building.

In 1915 Deery wrote a history of Dubuque's famous artists.



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