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DAVIS, Timothy

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DAVIS, Timothy. (New York, Mar. 29, 1794--Elkader, IA, Apr. 27, 1872). Davis moved to Kentucky for several years and then relocated to Missouri where he was a blacksmith and studied law at the same time. He moved to Dubuque in 1838 and established his law practice of Davis & Crawford. When his partner died in 1849, Davis took as a partner Frederick E. BISSELL. Davis was nominated as a Republican as a representative and served one term. (1)

Returning to Dubuque, he sold his property and moved to Elkader around 1864 investing his money with a man, John Thompson, formerly of Dubuque in the Motor Mill along the Turkey River. (2)

Davis' interests were far-ranging. One of these businesses was the manufacture of barbed wire. Patented under his name, the fence was thought to cost about 40 cents a rod and would last fifty years. (3) He served as president of the Farmers' Club in 1864. (4) Davis was also a proponent of building a railroad along the Bush Creek route through Elkader, West Union and along the 43rd Parallel to O'Brien County. (5)



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