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DALZELL, Mary. (Unknown--Dubuque County, Jan 23, 1967). Dalzell joined the predecessor of the DUBUQUELAND WOMEN'S BOWLING ASSOCIATION in 1939, helped to form the Aces League that year, and bowled every season for twenty-nine years. She was elected secretary of the organization in 1944 and held the position for ten years. She wrote the "Pin Down Girl" column for the DUBUQUE SPORTING NEWS and gave a school of instruction (later called workshops) for league officers. (1)

In 1948 she served as a delegate for Dubuque at state meetings in Fort Dodge. Dalzell helped form the first women's scratch league (Travelers Inn Classic League) in 1949. She served as vice-president the first year and during the thirteen years of its existence she was also president and secretary. In 1951 the first American Junior Bowling Congress (AJBC) league for fourteen teams was formed at DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL largely through her efforts. The same year she was a member of the by-laws committee to revise the State Constitution of the organization. (2)

Her Meadow Gold team won the league championship in 1952-53 and 1953-54. In 1953 Dalzell served as the chairperson of the state tournament which came to Dubuque. Meadow Gold was the city title in 1953 and 1957. (3)

On December 8, 1953, a "This is Your Life" party honoring her for ten years as service as secretary was held. In March 1955 she was presented with a life membership in the DWBA, the first person so honored. (4)

In addition to her service to bowling, Dalzell, the wife of famed coach Wilbur DALZELL was the Dubuque county probation officer. (5) She was inducted into the DWBA Hall of Fame in 1981.



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