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REGISTERED ROUTES. Before the development of the primary highway system which exists in Iowa today, signed highway routes were registered with the Iowa State Highway Commission. Organizations, such as the Lincoln Highway Association, volunteered to sponsor and register certain roads with the highway commission.

Each organization chose their colors and designed route markers to guide motorists along the way. In 1913 the Iowa Legislature enacted a law to protect the name of the highways which had been deeloped by the communities. The Iowa Highway Commission was given the responsibility for registering the routes, including the authority to decide who had priority for the use of route names, color combinations and designs and designs for continuous routes of twenty-five miles or more in length.

Eventually, confusion reigned and the highway commission took action. Beginning in 1920, primary road numbers were assigned to registered routes. Some of these registered routes, most notably the Lincoln Highway, are still famous today, while most have been long forgotten.

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