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CUSHING, James. (Plymouth Co., MA, Aug. 4, 1830--Los Angeles, CA, Apr. 9, 1917). MAYOR. Cushing came to Iowa in 1859 and soon bought his father's interest in the ice company of Carter, Piper and Cushing. (1) He managed to eliminate his two competitors and enjoy a monopoly on the ice business in the city for nine years. He later formed the Cushing-Fischer Ice Company with Louis FISCHER. (2)

In 1863 a loan to a friend led Cushing into the vinegar-making business at a site near Kaufmann Avenue and Valeria Street. James Cushing and Thomas Warnock became proprietors of the NORTHWESTERN VINEGAR WORKS in 1864. Their chief chemist, Joseph K. KAUFMANN, developed an exclusive formula for producing vinegar. By 1874 the business, with a new four-story brick factory at the corner what became Kaufmann Avenue and Valeria Street, became the largest of its kind in Iowa. The company produced 100,000 barrels annually. (3) Traveling salesmen took the product through Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. (4) He was elected the president of the Northwestern Vinegar Association in 1880. (5)

In 1891 the company became JAMES CUSHING AND SON VINEGAR COMPANY. The motto was, "Whatever you use it for, it's the best." (6)

Although never seeking public office, Cushing was chosen by the Republicans as their candidate and served as mayor of Dubuque in 1875. In December, however, articles of impeachment were being drawn when, as mayor, Cushing would not execute the will of the council in the payment of bills to the street commissioner and John McCoy for work on the market house. (7) On December 16, 1875 the mayor suggested that his refusal to sign the bills was due to his desire to check their accuracy. It was finally decided to place bills in the hands of the mayor to avoid further controversy. (8) On December 24, 1875 Cushing agreed to approve payment of the street commissioner thus resolving the two contested issues. (9)

The CUSHING-MCFADDEN VINEGAR COMPANY was incorporated in December 1902. Soon after that, Cushing retired and moved to California. (10)

See: JAMES CUSHING-175 W. 17th

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