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CURNAN, Robert

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CURNAN, Robert. (Davenport, IA, Dec. 5, 1938---Dubuque, IA, Jan. 24, 2018 ). Curnan, Dubuque County Attorney for eight years, was appointed an Iowa District Court judge by Iowa Governor Robert Ray in 1980. As County Attorney, Curnan instituted having staff attorneys on 24-hour call, a practice enabling suspects to be quickly brought before a judge. Curnan also revealed plea bargains in open court. Both practices became standard procedure across Iowa.

Curnan served on the Northeast Iowa Crime Commission and, with David CLEMENS, successfully secured a grant for construction of the Dubuque Law Enforcement Center. The Alcohol Safety Action Program, second in the State of Iowa, added officers to the force for training and handling alcohol-related traffic cases.

Curnan served thirty-years as a district court judge, the longest record of service.



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