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COLUMBIA COLLEGE BAND. In 1911 the Columbia College Band was organized under the director of Dr. Dress. The band saw its most active years during WORLD WAR I when the Students Army Training Corps and the Reserve Officers' Training Corps were stationed on the campus. The band toured during the Liberty Loan Drives throughout northern Iowa and adjoining territory in Illinois and Wisconsin. It was reported that the Columbia Band once performed in thirty towns and villages in one day. (1)

One of the brightest memories of the early band members was performing in the opening game of the 1916 baseball season at Comiskey Park in Chicago. Urban "Red" FABER, a graduate of Columbia, pitched in the game. (2)

The band furnished music in 1920 during the celebration of President U. S. Grant's birthday in Galena. Professor Budahl served as the conductor. The occasion marked the largest local band ever traveling out of Dubuque. In addition to performing in a parade, the band gave a concert. (3)

In September 1934, Samuel C. DOVI was named the director of the band. Dovi was not new to the position. He had served as the director from 1922-1925. Beginning in 1928 he had been the director of the Columbia Academy Band which would continue to be a separate organization, although Dovi announced he planned to combine them for special occasions. (4) He wasted no time in bringing this about with what became annual combined spring concerts starting in 1935.

The 1923 and 1929 Dubuque City Directory listed 655 W. 14th.



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