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COLLIER, Robert Hutcheson

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Family History: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=johnadams&id=I306

COLLIER, Robert Hutcheson. (Dalkeith, Scotland, July 17, 1842--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 19, 1896). Collier settled in Dubuque as manager of the Northwest Department of LAFLIN AND RAND POWDER COMPANY, a dealer in blasting powder. He served in the position from 1878 until his death.

Collier was a director of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DUBUQUE and the NOVELTY IRON WORKS. He was vice-president and director of the NORWEGIAN PLOW COMPANY. His son, James Currie COLLIER, became one of the city's most important lumbermen.

He married Ada Langworthy and their home of West Third was known as "Linden Croft."

Linwood Cemetery



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