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COLLIER, Ada Langworthy

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Photo courtesy: Linwood Legacies
COLLIER, Ada Langworthy. (Dubuque, IA, Dec. 23, 1843--Dubuque, IA, Aug. 6, 1919). The daughter of Lucius Hart LANGWORTHY, Ada completed her education as the Lasell Seminary near Boston, Massachusetts. Her senior essay received the attention of the editor of the Atlantic, but she was so shy she declined his offer to publish it. (1)

Collier wrote short stories, essays, novels, poems and reviews that received critical acclaim. She occasionally used the pen names of "Anna L. Cunningham" or "Marguerite." Her father was Lucius Hart LANGWORTHY. Her mother, the former Valeria Bemis, was honored with the naming of Valeria Street. (2)

"Lilith," a poetical story published in 1892, is considered by some authorities to be her most important work. Her first writings were hospital sketches from the CIVIL WAR. She also produced word pictures in her travel sketches entitled "A Day's Ramble" and "Among the Mountain Mists." Collier was a charter member and former president of the DUBUQUE LADIES' LITERARY ASSOCIATION. She married Robert Hutcheson COLLIER in 1867. Their home on West 3rd was known as "Linden Croft." (3)

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