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COLBERT, Ed. (Iowa City, IA- ). Colbert, WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL basketball coach for twenty-one years, led his teams to a record of 345 victories against 137 losses, earning him a .717 winning percentage.

Wahlert's first basketball coach, Colbert took the Golden Eagles to the state tournament level nine times. In the 1979-1980 season his team won twenty-five games without a loss and defeated Davenport Assumption in the state finals. At Wahlert, Colbert's only losing season was 1960-1961 with a 9-11 win/loss record.

Beginning with the 1963--1964 season, Colbert led the Golden Eagles to three third places, three seconds and one first place at the state level.

In 1988-1989 Colbert was hired as athletic director and head basketball coach at CLARKE COLLEGE. During his first season, the team won thirteen games, while in the preceding three seasons they had only won twenty-one. In 1981 Colbert was inducted into the Iowa Coaches Hall of Fame.