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COLALUCA, Joseph. (New Castle, PA- ). Colaluca was a celebrated trumpeter and chair of the LORAS COLLEGE music faculty. A graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Colaluca served on the faculty of the conservatory, taught at Capital University, and performed with many musical organizations including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. (1) He came to LORAS COLLEGE in 1969 and started a stage band, brass choir, and a concert band. Drawing upon his own experience, he assembled the first Loras College Jazz Festival in 1972 that showcased such celebrated musicians as Ed Shaughnessy of the "Tonight" television show and bandleader Maynard Ferguson.

Colaluca began playing the trumpet in sixth grade. He performed for Gypsy Rose Lee while a college student and played locally in a brass trio and supper club group. Colaluca held the first trumpet chair in the DUBUQUE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. He was named chairman of the Music Department at Loras in July 1970. (2)



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