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CLARKE-LORAS SINGERS. In July 1970 the musical group from Dubuque took second place in the mixed chair competition at the International Music Festival in Liangollen, North Wales. They also won second place in "folk singing" and first place in "youth choir." This was the first time an American group had won awards at the international festival. The group had been on a nine-country concert tour of Europe since June 11th. (1)

Months before President Jimmy Carter announced his global goodwill mission including a three day visit to India, the Clarke-Loras Singers were busily raising funds, rehearsing and readying themselves for a three week performing journey to the Indian sub-continent as Friendship Ambassadors. By scheduling coincidence, their appearance in New Delhi took place simultaneously with President Carter's goodwill mission to India. (2)

Their first concert as Friendship Ambassadors, arranged by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and its head Mrs. S. Kochar, was scheduled to take place on the day of arrival in Azad Bhavan Auditorium. Unexpected delays made them decide on the necessity of rehearsing on the plane since they were arriving only minutes before concert time. Passengers and flight crew encouraged the mid-air rehearsals with spontaneous applause. (3)



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