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CLARK, Lincoln

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CLARK, Lincoln. (Conway, Franklin County, MA, Aug. 9, 1800--Conway, MA, Sept. 16, 1886). Clark, an attorney, moved to Dubuque in 1848. In 1852 he was a presidential elector on the Democratic ticket for Pierce and King. Elected to the 32nd Congress (March 4, 1851 through March 3, 1853) as a Democrat, Clark unsuccessfully ran in 1852 and 1854 for reelection. In 1860 he was an elector-at -large to the National Democratic convention. (1)

He changed his political affiliation and became Republican. This led to him being appointed the first registrar in bankruptcy for the northern district of Illinois. A severe illness, however, forced him to resign. He lived in Dubuque until 1864. (2)



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