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CLARK, Carl. (Dubuque, IA,--Dubuque, IA, July 10, 1965) MAYOR A veteran of WORLD WAR I, Clark operated the Clark Drug Store and then joined the Assessor's Department where he worked for twenty-four years. He retired as deputy city assessor. He was elected to the city council in 1936. As a councilman, Clark believed that the council had the power to make it possible for unoccupied business property to be rented by changing ordinances. (1) In 1938 Clark was elected mayor of Dubuque. It was expected that the council would choose George R. MURPHY. The meeting continued with the removal of Matt H. Czizek as city solicitor as the naming of Al. J. Nelson as his replacement. (2)

Clark and the council attempted in 1938 to find a place for a park on the west side of town. A parcel of land along Highway 20 was offered for $200 an acre if the city would purchase ten acres or more. If less than ten acres was purchased the price would be $300 per acre. (3) The council also had to continue dealing with homes not connected to the city sewer. In July, 1939 the Health Director and Sanitary Inspector advised the Board of Health that 25 houses along Southern Avenue were not connected to the sewer. Due to the solid rock excavations for both water and sewer, it was suggested that some plan be worked out to assist the home owners. (4) In 1940 he attended the State Judicial Convention.

Other actions of the council during his term may be found by placing 1938 in the search engine.



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