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CHURCH OF CHRIST. On September 8, 1844 a religious organization was established calling itself the Church of Christ Dubuque. The congregation began meeting in the "stone church" on June 1, 1845. The group continued to meet in the same location until 1877 although sometimes it did not have a pastor. (1)

In 1877 the congregation purchased the Episcopal church building at 8th and Locust. Under the terms of the contract, the building was jointly occupied until a new Episcopal church could be built. (2)

Members of the congregation began meeting during June 1955, in the auditorium of CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL. Construction of the church started in September 1956, with funds from the Garfield Avenue Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. The first minister, Jerry Loutzenhiser, moved to Dubuque from a church in Compton, California, which paid his salary.

At the time of its dedication, the church had a congregation of fifteen members.

The 1987 Dubuque City Directory listed 1715 Dodge.



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