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Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
1301 Rhomberg. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
1301 Rhomberg (address changed to 1305 Rhomberg. The building most recently has been the EUROPA HAUS RESTAURANT & BIERSTUBE LTD. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
Later the home of PERFECTION OIL COMPANY, this was the bar at 2595 Rhomberg. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke.
2595 (later 2601) Rhomberg. Note the growth of trees on the hills behind the tavern.Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
Inside of the bar at 2595 Rhomberg. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
Vern Pape, Mr. Lembke, Chris Capretz at 2595 Rhomberg-1939. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
Chris Capretz and his boat. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
Chris Capretz and his grandson, Paul Lembke. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
CHRISTOPHER CAPRETZ. The 1890-91 Dubuque City Directory listed 485 Lincoln.
Chris Capretz and his wife Kate at there home near present day Eagle Point Park. Notice the lack of vegetation on the hills. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke
My father wrote on the back: Capretz Tavern Jan 2 1936 L - R Louie Gantenbein, Leroy McCoy, Eldon Glab, Otto Bernhard (my godfather), Peter Schoendorf, Chris Capretz and dog Patsy. Photo courtesy: Paul Lembke

The 1909 through 1915 Dubuque City Directory listed 81 Lime as the address.

The 1937 Dubuque Consurvey Directory through 1941 Dubuque City Directory listed 2595 Rhomberg.

The 1945 Dubuque City Directory listed Capretz & Lembke at the same address.

The 1948 Dubuque City Directory listed the Capretz Tavern at the same address.