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CHICAGO, CLINTON, DUBUQUE AND MINNESOTA RAILROAD COMPANY. The original company was incorporated on January 15, 1868 and under a decree of foreclosure was given to trustees for the benefit of the stockholders on October 28, 1876. (1) In 1877 representatives of the company visited Dubuque and decided to extend the line past Clinton to Davenport. (2)

A new company, the Dubuque and Minnesota Railroad Company, was formed on September 20, 1877. It acquired the property and was consolidated on February 28, 1878 with the Clinton and Dubuque Railroad. The new railroad was the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque and Minnesota Railroad Company. (3)

The road from Clinton, Iowa to La Crescent, Minnesota had a distance of 164.5 miles. (4)

In September 1878, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad bought out the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque & Minnesota line. (5) On June 4, 1880 the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque & Minnesota was purchased by the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul. (6)



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