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Railroad pass.
CHICAGO, CLINTON AND DUBUQUE RAILROAD. Many of the same people involved with the DUBUQUE AND MCGREGOR RAILROAD were interested in connecting Dubuque to business along the MISSISSIPPI RIVER to the south. On January 21, 1870 these businessmen organized the Dubuque, Bellevue and Mississippi Railroad. By 1871 when it was realized to all that there was interest in linking Dubuque to Lake Michigan, the line was renamed the Chicago, Clinton and Dubuque Railroad.

In 1871 construction reached Sabula Junction. From there, rights to use the rails ("running rights" were obtained from the Sabula, Ackley & Dakota Railroad for about five miles. With the construction of two additional miles, the line was able to reach the Midland Railroad, later the North Western, which operated into Clinton.

The Panic of 1873 along with high construction costs left the line in receivership. In 1878 the Chicago, Dubuque and Minnesota was joined with the Chicago, Clinton and Dubuque Rairoad to form the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque and Minnesota Rail Road.



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