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The CB&N depot is shown as it looked in 1891. The depot was remodeled in 1945-1946.
CHICAGO, BURLINGTON AND NORTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. The Chicago, Burlington, and Northern Railway Company (CB&N) (1887-1899) was constructed by the CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY RAILROAD. The CB&N built the railroad line along the west bank of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER and in 1896 had three daily trains each way from St. Paul, St. Louis and Chicago.

Its connection to the CB&Q gave it direct routes to Council Bluffs, Omaha Des Moines, Kansas City, Streater, Peoria, Quincy, Lincoln and other large cities in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri. Connections made travel to Texas and the Pacific coast possible as well as sites in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Denver, Colorado; and Deadwood, South Dakota.

The CB&N merged into the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy in 1899.



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