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The register of the Centennial House remains an important link to Dubuque history.
CENTENNIAL HOUSE. One of Dubuque's first hotels, the Centennial House was opened on the evening of 9, 1876 under the ownership of John N. NOEL. (1)

On December 31, 1876, Noel announced that the register would be closed only to be exhibited to visitors on July 4th, 1876. It would also be shown publicly on July 4, 1877 and "then be preserved for exhibition on that anniversary day, until the year 1900 and then still more carefully for exhibition, as a memento, at the Second Centennial in 1976 in order that the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of those living in 1876 may see the names of their ancestors as written by themselves, Dubuque, Iowa, April 8, 1876."

The register of the hotel, now property of the DUBUQUE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY has been displayed at the OLD JAIL.

The 1878-79 Dubuque City Directory listed 360 Iowa.



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