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CARTER, William

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William Carter
CARTER, William. (Jessamine Co., KY, Apr. 5, 1806--Dubuque, IA, Nov. 6, 1883). In the spring of 1832, Carter came to Galena and in September traveled to Dubuque and built a cabin. In the spring of 1833, he returned to Dubuque, settled permanently, and began MINING. (1) He was also a partner with George W. Rogers in flour milling as CARTER, ROGERS & CO. (2)

In 1862 Carter, Caleb H. BOOTH and R. O. CHANEY operating as William Carter & Company constructed their SHOT manufacturing works. Located three miles west of the city, the DUBUQUE SHOT MANUFACTURING COMPANY remained in business until early 1886 when it was purchased by the Western Shot Company. (3)

See: Caleb H. BOOTH



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