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CARNEY, Frank. (St. Johnville, NY, Feb. 15, 1851--Dubuque, IA, Sept. 2, 1919). Dubuque's first police commissioner. Carney came to Dubuque when only two years old. He completed his education at the age of seventeen and worked for a time as a farmhand and then as a brakeman for the DUBUQUE AND SIOUX CITY RAILROAD. He was employed as a conductor for the same railroad and later the Illinois Central until 1894.

In 1894 Carney, a Democrat, was elected to the position of justice of the peace and served three terms. He also served as the city's first police commissioner. In November 1907, Carney submitted his resignation from the Fire and Police Commission to MAYOR Henry A. SCHUNK. A candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination for mayor in the previous election, it was assumed at the time that the resignation marked Carney's intention to campaign again. After holding public office, Carney entered the tobacco and cigar manufacturing business.