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CAMP FIRE GIRLS. Camp Fire, formerly Camp Fire USA, originally Camp Fire Girls of America, is a secular co-ed inclusiveness Scout-like organization. Camp Fire was the first nonsectarian, multicultural organization for girls in America. Its programs emphasize camping and other outdoor activities for youth. (1)
Its informal roots extend back to 1910, with efforts by Mrs. Charles Farnsworth in Thetford, Vermont and Luther Gulick M.D. and his wife Charlotte Vedder Gulick on Sebago Lake, near South Casco, Maine. Camp Fire Girls, as it was known at the time, was created as the sister organization to the Boy Scouts of America. The organization changed its name in 1975 to Camp Fire Boys and Girls when membership eligibility was expanded to include boys. In 2001, the name Camp Fire USA was adopted, and in 2012 it became Camp Fire. (2)

Miss Jessie Keyes, instrumental in founding the DUBUQUE VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION, also introduced Camp Fire Girls to Dubuque. (3)



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