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This picture shows the building after it was converted into a restaurant.
CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH. Original members of the congregation belonged to the DUBUQUE BIBLE CHURCH before leaving to establish a church that practiced strict interpretation of the King James Bible. In 1984, after meeting in private homes, the members purchased the ST. ROSE OF LIMA HOUSE OF STUDIES located on the northwest corner of Asbury and Chaney roads from the ARCHDIOCESE OF DUBUQUE. Services in 1991 were held on Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday evening. Thursday evening was devoted to "soul-winning" in which member of the church visited with citizens of the community.

The church use of the facilities became limited to the church building. In the location where 9-foot French glass doors were installed in the construction of RAFTERS restaurant, a wall was constructed that separated the church. Half of the chapel was used as a sanctuary and the other half was used as an activity area for the youth. The other buildings were used as storage or stayed vacant.

The 1987 through 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed 2728 Asbury.