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CALEDONIA MILLS. Caledonia Mills was a short-lived oatmeal mill established on October 2, 1879, at the foot of Eleventh Street by F. C. Schloth and John Gray. Four run of stone were used--two for the hulling of the grains and two for grinding. (1) Several grades of meal were produced--from the finest to the coarsest along with a fine quality of kiln dried meal. (2) Excellent production through the winter allowed the company to ship oatmeal to Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York; and Glasgow, Scotland. Lack of capital forced the company to close on December 11,1880.

In August 1881, the company was purchased at a sheriff’s sale by Thomas Wallace and William Christie. Business was resumed. When orders became heavy, the decision was made to move to a new location. They removed an estimated $4,000 worth of machinery intending to use it in their new mill, the DUBUQUE OATMEAL MILL. The building and a large amount of machinery was then purchased by Charles STAFFORD who slept in the building as his own watchman. (3)

FIRES destroyed the mill and nearly killed Stafford on September 18, 1882. ---


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