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CADE, Richard

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CADE, Richard. (East Lansing, MI, July 1, 1926--Dubuque, IA, Nov. 10, 2014) The son of Claude Marshall and Agnes (Hunt) Cade, Richard graduated from public school in East Lansing, followed by service in the United States Navy during WORLD WAR II. (1)

During his undergraduate studies at Michigan State, Richard met his future wife of 65 years, Norma Benjamin, on a blind date. They both graduated in 1949. They formed a close family that included four children, as well as two foreign exchange students and a foster son, Brian. (2)

Richard spent his career employed as an engineer at John Deere in Dubuque and Waterloo, Iowa. (3)

A "founding father" of HERITAGE TRAIL, Richard and Norma were among the earliest supporters in the early 1980s of the idea of acquiring the abandoned Chicago Northwestern Railroad right-of-way. The group they helped establish became known as Heritage Trail, Inc. Following the acquisition of the land by the Dubuque County Conservation Board in 1982, the Board entered into a five-year agreement with Heritage Trail, Inc. to develop the right-of-way for recreational purposes. This work entailed trail resurfacing, fencing, and bridge repair. It was at that time that Heritage Trail, Inc. chose Richard, who had recently retired from John Deere as an engineer, to be the trail manager. He directed the job of converting the property into a bicycle trail from Rupp Hollow Road near Dubuque to Dyersville. On the day of the Grand Opening in the summer of 1986 at Graf, he was presented with the ceremonial spike for all his efforts. In later years he constructed an estimated thirty benches for use along the trail. (4)



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