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BUTTER. In 1909 led the state of Iowa in butter production. (1)

In 1935 Dubuque was recognized as one of the largest butter shipping centers in the United States. (2) In 1934, more than 10 million pounds of butter were shipped out of the city. It came to Dubuque in 63-pounds tubs from creameries in Iowa, Illinois, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Nebraska. None of it was sold in Dubuque. It was graded by an expert butter grader from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, packaged and shipped to wholesalers and jobbers in the eastern United States.

The National Dairy Products Company of New York, with its subsidiary in Dubuque the NATIONAL BUTTER COMPANY OF IOWA, chose Dubuque for its middle west distribution point because there were four railroads here and the geographical location was "ideal." (3) In 1935 the company expected to ship 20 million pounds of butter from the city. (4)



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