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BUILD A BETTER BLOCK. In 2018 RDG Planning & Design was hired by the City of Dubuque to make conceptual plans for the improvements for the section of Central Avenue from 11th to 22nd STREETS. An open house and public input were held in advance of the week-long, Build a Better Block program, organized by DUBUQUE MAIN STREET, LTD. and scheduled to begin on September 16, 2018. A kickoff event held Tuesday, September 12th, was attended by an estimated three hundred residents. (1)

Ideas suggested included converting Central into a two-way street, adding additional lighting, and more green space and trees. Considered the most dramatic change would be to close the section of 18th Street between Central and White and convert it into an open public space with outdoor art. To give neighbors a sense of what that could mean, the street had been closed and set up with benches and tables to create a temporary park. A concern was expressed about the lack of parking in the area. (2)

A final proposal was to be presented to the city council later in the year.



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