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BREGMAN, Chuck. (Dubuque, IA-- ). In 2010 Bregman was one of the most recognizable musical talents in Dubuque. Interested in the piano since the age of three, he began studying swing and classical music when he started music lessons at the age of seven. His goal was to be a concert pianist. Discouraged in college by professors and the level of competition, he quit music for about one year before hearing the Dick Sturman Trio playing modern jazz. Bregman became a student of Chicago jazz pianist, Dennis Tillmann, who encouraged him in the fields of jazz and musical entertainment. He was soon playing at parties and weddings.

In 1984 his "break" came when he convinced the manager of the JULIEN HOTEL to set up a piano bar. He performed there for about one year. Bregman was the original 'house musician' at the Tollbridge Inn and entertained thousands of diners for over 13 years. He left the Tollbridge to go on the road as road manager and pianist with The Russ Morgan Orchestra, traveling nationally and internationally.

The Chuck Bregman Trio has played throughout the tri-state area. Playing solo for over twenty-two years, he entertained club audiences in many states with his solo piano bar and lounge entertainment. He also composed his own music. Bregman is considered one of the finest acoustic piano entertainers of modern time.

Chuck is the grandson of Henry BREGMAN.



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Chuck Bregman