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1091 University. Photo in 2011
1955 advertisement. Photo courtesy Bob Reding

BRACONIER PLUMBING & HEATING COMPANY. In 1906; Benjamin J. Braconier established Braconier Plumbing when he opened his office at 1076 South Gaylord Street in Denver, Colorado. Benjamin, being the entrepreneur he was, made benches out of pipe, and placed them on corners where people could sit and wait for streetcars and buses. They provided great comfort to the public and served as great advertising for Braconier in the early 1900s.

In 1949 the business was sold to Joe McCarty who operated it successfully for 40 years.

The 1945 through 1966 Dubuque City Directory listed 1091 University.

The 1968 through 1970 Dubuque City Directory listed 398 E. 7th.

The 1972 through 1983 Dubuque City Directory listed Braconier Inc. at the same address.

In 1989 Al Stone purchased the company. Al moved from Chicago to Colorado after serving as the project manager for the mechanical construction of the Sears Tower. Under the guidance and leadership of industry veteran Al Stone, his son Tom Stone (President of Braconier), Paul Stortz (Executive Vice President), the company continued to operate in 2012. The company address in 1989 was P. O. Box 932.




Braconier Plumbing and Heating. www.braconier.com