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BERWANGER, John. (Dubuque, IA--Dubuque, IA, June 30, 1966). In 1955, Berwanger claimed to be the last active horseshoer in Dubuque. (1) Wages up to $16 per week at the beginning of the century brought him into the business. With Tom Lagen and Tom Peed, Berwanger operated LAGEN, PEED & BERWANGER, considered one of the best horseshoeing establishments in Dubuque. The business was located on Locust Street between Fifth and Sixth STREETS.

In 1955, Berwanger's business came primarily from horse-riding clubs in the area especially in East Dubuque. Instead of the horse being brought to his shop, Berwanger traveled to the stables with his equipment. He admitted that his work was a bit easier. Now, instead of making the horseshoes, he purchased them and then fit the shoe to the horse. (2)

His son was Jay BERWANGER, the first winner of the HEISMAN TROPHY.



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