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1975 photo of Paul Hemmer (in front) and Tom Berryman. Photo courtesy: Paul Hemmer
BERRYMAN, Thomas. (Fallon, NV- ). In 1969 Berryman moved to Dubuque and began work at radio station WDBQ. He is remembered for anchoring the "Pulse of Dubuque," the award-winning program, begun by the station in October 1985 and his early morning on-the-air conversations with the popular Paul HEMMER.

In 1990 Berryman left WDBQ to become the public relations director for FINLEY HOSPITAL (THE). After receiving his master's degree in history from LORAS COLLEGE, he was hired in 1993 as editor of the Register Printing Company of East Dubuque. (1) He served as managing editor of the East Dubuque (IL) Register from 1993-1997. In 1997 he was hired to be the editor of the "Northwest Country Tymes, a weekly newspaper published in Elizabeth, Illinois. (2) He then served as news director and morning show host for WPVL AM/FM in Platteville, Wisconsin.

Early in 1999, Berryman returned to Dubuque as the assignment editor for KFXB-TV and the morning news anchor for Cumulus radio stations. In 2000 he had full-time radio duties for Cumulus. (3)

Berryman served two terms as president of the Dubuque Evening Optimists, two years as president of the DUBUQUE BOYS' CLUB Boosters, and twelve years as president of Dubuque Child Care. Berryman served as chairman of Dubuque's Transit Board. (4) In 2009 he was the commander of Dubuque Legion Post 6. (5) He also enjoyed roles in amateur plays. (6)

Recognition for his broadcasting skill included the top award for public affairs programming for the "Pulse of Dubuque" in 1985, 1986, 1987, and 1989 from the Iowa Broadcast News Association. In 1988 he received the State Media Award from the Iowa Mental Health Association. In 1989 Berryman received second place in the category Newscast Among Major Markets in Iowa from the Iowa Broadcast News Association. The U. S. Small Business Administration named Berryman at Iowa Small Business Media Advocate of the Year in 2001. (7)



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