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BENNETT, Arthur. (Dubuque, IA--Dubuque, IA). In 1907 Bennett began work as a painting contractor and held a number of offices in Local 693 of the Painters, Paperhangers and Decorators Union in Dubuque. He also served as the chairman of the Dubuque Building Trades Council.

In 1942 Bennett was appointed to the park board and was elected to three full terms. He served as the acting park superintendent for six months in 1956-1957 and retired from the board, as chairman, at the end of his term in 1963. (1) He was a member of the Dubuque Selective Service Board beginning in 1951 and was elected its chairman in 1953.

Bennett served two years on the Dubuque City Council and was a member of civic and governmental advisory boards at the state and local levels. In 1957 he was a trustee of the DUBUQUE TRADES AND LABOR CONGRESS. (2)



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