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Photo courtesy of Jim Massey.
Serving tray. Local collection.
Celluloid book marker. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

BEATRICE CREAMERY COMPANY. The Beatrice Creamery was established in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1895. By 1911 was the world's largest producer of butter. The company had ten branches established in ten large cities in the United States including Dubuque.

The Dubuque branch was opened in 1908 and had a capacity of 20,000 pounds of butter daily. Cream was supplied by one hundred buying stations throughout northeastern Iowa, southeastern Minnesota, southwestern Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois. The Dubuque branch also operated a wholesale business in eggs and handled a carload daily.

In 1910 the Beatrice Company nationwide produced 50 million pounds of butter with the leading brand being "Meadow Gold Butter." Sweet cream was sold to ice cream manufacturers.
Paper lid.
Beatrice milk can. Photo courtesy: Diane Harris
Early celluloid pocket mirror.

The 1911-12 Dubuque City Directory listed Jones and S. Locust.

The 1913 Dubuque and Dubuque County Directory stated that this business was located at 25 S. Locust.

The 1915 Dubuque City Directory and the 1916-1917 White's Dubuque County Directory listed 278-82 7th as the address.

The 1918 Dubuque City Directory listed 270-82 7th.

The 1922 Dubuque Telephone Directory 278 7th.

The 1923 Dubuque City Directory listed 100-48 W. 7th

The 1939 through 1945 Dubuque City Directory listed 2167 Central.