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c. 1946. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
BAXTER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. The Baxter Manufacturing Company was opened in the old White House bakery building at 9th and Jackson. As the plant opened an estimated fifty people would be employed. (1)

The building had been purchased from the Independent Baking Company for $15,000. Costs of remodeling the building into a modern factory were estimated at $50,000. Officers of the company included Don G. Mullan, president; G. J. Bassingwaite, vice-president; and Frank A. Beddow, secretary. There were no local directors. (2)

The 1948 Dubuque Classified Business Directory through 1967 Dubuque City Directory listed 151 E. 9th for detergent and disinfectant manufacturer.



1. "Baxter Plant to Employ 50 at Opening," Telegraph-Herald, October 14 1945, p. 26