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BARWICK, Elaine. (Dubuque, IA, Mar. 2, 1927--Dubuque, IA, January 26, 2019). In her struggles to find specialized help for her son, Jamie, who had a developmental disability, Elaine founded HILLS & DALES CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, a residential facility for developmentally disabled children. She served as its executive director beginning in 1973.

Initially Hills & Dales served the needs of 52 children between the ages of birth through age 18 at 1011 Davis St. Each of her four daughters worked there when the facility opened. She remained the organization's director until 1997. In 2019 the organization served an estimated two hundred people at multiple residential settings.

In addition, she served on the boards of Albrecht Acres, Association of Residential Rehabilitation Facilities, and the Association for Retarded Citizens.



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