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Relocated from the site of Hempstead High School to Flora Park, "The Barn" became the home of a successful theater company.
BARN COMMUNITY THEATER. The Barn Community Theater was one of the most successful theater companies in Dubuque. Choosing to name itself after the barn in which it first performed, the company was founded in 1971. The group continued practicing and performing at the Barn in FLORA PARK for thirteen years before they were forced to find new facilities.

The entire operation was moved temporarily to the auditorium of SACRED HEART SCHOOL. Marquette Hall was refurbished into a theater superior to the Barn with thousands of dollars and hours of volunteer labor. The first production in the new theater was "Once Upon A Mattress."

The purchase of the GRAND OPERA HOUSE on August 1, 1986, for $85,000 provided the theater company the unique potential of having a permanent location for expanded programming. The company presented "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" on August 15, 1986, as its first production in its permanent home.