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BARKER, Winslow

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BARKER, Winslow. (Canton, NY, 1825--Dubuque, IA, Jan. 1872). Barker studied law in the office of John L. Russell in Canton and then entered into a legal partnership of Barker & Sawyer, Attorneys in Lawrence County, New York. He came to Dubuque in 1854 and was here only three years before his election to the General Assembly. During his first term, he was selected as one of three commissioners to revise the Code of Iowa.

Barker was next appointed to the Board of Legal Inquiry whose duty was to make recommendations to the legislature concerning amendments or additions to the law.

He was elected public prosecutor of the Ninth District, including Dubuque County, and held the office from 1860 to 1864. In 1866 Barker was re-elected to the legislature and appointed to a committee to decide the issue of legislating tariffs for RAILROADS. Taking a minority position on the committee, Barker argued that the state had a constitutional right to regulate these tariffs. His report, adopted by the legislature, was opposed by the attorney general and railroad interests in the state. It was, however, supported by the legislature to the degree that the legislators published Barker's speech in support of his position.

In Dubuque, Barker formed legal partnerships with several attorneys. He practiced law with James H. SHIELDS in the firm of Barker and Shields from 1857 to 1869, the year Barker took office as a circuit judge.



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